A touch of nature


My website needs…


I’ve had my website up for days now please all of you look at it and comment on my posts!

I hope you enjoy my website,


Thanks from WHat Have You Seen.



Our New Website

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to say, that my friend and I are making a website about Nature. I love it, its so inspiring and dramatic! #

We are based in Cornwall, right by the sea! đŸ™‚

On our website we offer – High Quality Photo’s of any creature, size, colour, shape or species! Information on the species we follow. My friend and I do walks all the time and we like to keep in touch with nature – we will have many pictures of different “friends” we meet on our walks! Also even if we don’t see the creatures that you want information on, you can just post on the blog or email us! We are like an encyclopedia!

I will post when its up and running!

Thanks, please say if you think this is a good idea.